Gypsy Fiddle Feast is a powerful performance brimming with colour, excitement and charisma. Inspired by the ancient magic of Romany music* violin virtuoso Gundula Gruen has created an exuberant show in which the fire of Eastern European Gypsy music is brought to life with stirring arrangements and improvisations. 

Performed by Gundula's ensemble Tatcho Drom (True Journey) the Fiddle Feast is the celebration of a new generation of Balkan Gypsy collaborations. Following the show's successful UK debut at London’s Purcell Room and its German debut at the Town Hall, Munster, Tatcho Drom would like to take a taste of the feast throughout the UK.


‘I enjoyed your concert immensely on Friday!! I found it inspiring and uplifting on many levels’ (Jenny B., audience quote from Purcell Room)

'Bavarian-born violinist Gundula could well have been raised in the Balkans, for her playing imparts the true soul of Gypsy music, full of colour and passion, an explosion of energy…’ Vesti News (Serbian Diaspora Newspaper).

‘ Congratulations for Friday's concert, you were really shining brilliant bright!!! (Alex C., Purcel Room).


Gundula Gruen is a classically trained violinist and singer whose study and passion encompass Gypsy and folk music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Originally from Germany, she completed degrees in classical violin and jazz before discovering her passion for Gypsy music. Over the past 15 years she has worked with a long list of renowned Eastern European musicians, including Gypsy violin virtuosos such as Angel Gheorghe ‘Caliu’ (Taraf De Haidouks) and Tcha Limberger.

Throughout her career, Gundula’s performances, workshops and projects have consistently met with great acclaim. Her live work has taken her to festivals, cultural centres and theatres throughout the UK and Europe. TV credits include the documentary How Music Works on UK TV’s Channel 4 and a music documentary for TRT (Turkish state television). She has also been a guest and performer on radio programmes for BBC, Resonance FM and others. Her book Gypsy Music Collection, 63 tunes from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, was published in 2008 by Spartan Press.


Tatcho Drom are inspired by the old masters of Gypsy music. From traditional treasures of Eastern Europe and the Balkans they create fresh arrangements and compositions infused with Romany traditions, with influences derived from diverse areas within classical, world and jazz. The outcome is a new art music for attentive listeners, a unique repertoire of multi-faceted music.

Tatcho Drom has performed at a wide range of art venues, festivals and concert halls such as Canterbury, Corsham and Crawley festivals, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall Café and St Ethelburga’s Centre. They have also appeared on radio and TV.

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