Balkan Ensemble - Magic Music Classes


Learn devilish music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Wednesday evenings from 7:00 til 8:45pm.

Lively sessions of learning and rehearsing a colourful music mixture from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, in straight and ‘weird’ time-signatures, from folk and Rromany traditions. We study various songs and pieces which contain the famous ‘must-play’ tunes as well as unknown and rare treasures.

News: The ensemble is performing. The Debut Performance at City University was on the 17th March 2017. Here are some videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNCsSjIb8A45I88dVjw1unr_0YA81ttWZ

Autumn term classes start on Wednesday the 27th September . Location: City University, Northampton Square, EC1V oHB. Nearest tube stations are Angel and Farringon, Kings Cross is also in walking distance. Please get in touch before attending: gundulagruen@gmail.com.

The course is suitable for singers and melody instruments of any shape, range and tuning, including plucked strings. We have a piano, so up to 2 pianists can attend. Guitarists/bassists and other accompaniment instrumentalists are welcome as long as they are happy to focus on the above. PERCUSSION is very welcome, please get in touch for details.

The initial teaching is by ear, sheet music and helpful links for all will be distributed electronically throughout the course. Intermediate to advanced level.

The course is ongoing. You can join any time - please get in touch for
mid-term starter fees and catch-up music packs.

City University, Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB.
Precise Location Details by email...

£100 for 10 classes (1 term) regular online booking
or pay in 2 installments of £52
£110 for 10 classes (1 term) or £12 for each class - pay cash/cheque in class
please email for more discounts and mid-term start

Online Booking: www.gypsymusic.co.uk ~ download the flyer