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Violin Lessons with Fun and Feeling

The Step by Step Method, Vol 1& 2
by Gundula Gruen

A tutorial book for youths and adults. It approaches the violin with a new creative method that is orientated on learning deeply and properly rather than playing difficult pieces as quick as possible.

The violin book contains many aspects of learning the violin including instructions for a tidy classical violin technique, awareness for a healthy body posture, methods and inspiration for practising the instrument. The notation of the music and theory are explained as the player progresses on the violin.

It also contains many tunes and pieces from different centuries and various styles from all over the world interestingly arranged for the early player to have fun with.

There are piano accompaniments and/or duo parts available for all pieces/tunes.

Important notice: The book is just undergoing some improvement work, please come back in a few months...


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